Prof. Dr. Belayat Hossain Siddiquee

Dear ENT colleagues,

It is a great honor and indeed a great pleasure for me to have the opportunity to work with you for the better future of our medical profession and alliances.

There are many areas in the country which are still far behind in the proportion of ENT service providers to the population and need the support from the tertiary level in management, technology, human resources and supplies. The function of the Otohrinolaryngologists does not mean only high technology of the curative medicine; the comparable importance goes to the health education, disease prevention and rehabilitation as well as the sustainability of the services. Therefore, it is our duty to be united and share our information, knowledge, and experience to prevent and find proper solutions to overcome the risks of existing ENT diseases and illnesses.

Many challenges await us for this period, but with hard work, commitment and enthusiasm, all obstacles will be conquered. Many activities had been planned for this calendar year including the 10th SAARC ENT congress, Live Surgery programs, Seminar, Symposiums.

I welcome you all to the new Society website. This will allow us to function as we should in this digital age. We tried our best to make it informative, easily accessible and quick searchable.

Our initiatives continue to be centered on maintaining a voice within the persisting Medical Societies of Bangladesh. We continue to work hard to represent the interests of our Otolaryngology colleagues throughout the country. The Society will also be collaborating with various pharmaceutical companies for continuing Professional Development.

Lastly, I would urge all members of this Society to be united and stand proud of our Society. This can only be accomplished with dedication, commitment and hard work, therefore let us all work together to propel this Society to even greater familiarity internationally. As President, it is my privilege and pleasure to continue to see that the ORLHNS, Bangladesh achieves its goals and satisfy its mission.


To go first you have to walk alone, if you want to go further you have to walk together. Let's work together & achieve reach the goal.


Have a great year ahead...