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Dr. Sheikh Hasanur Rahman
DesignationScientific Secretary
CompanyBangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University
In Committee2012 - 2014
a) Passed SSC in 1981; Placed 8th in combined merit list in Comilla Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.
b) Passed HSC From Dhaka College in 1983
c) Passed from Dhaka Medical College in1990.
d) Passed MS Otolaryngology from University of Dhaka in 2002
e) Passed FCPS Otolaryngology From Bangladesh College of Physicians and Surgeons in 2003.
f) Participated in different worksop and training programme in home and abroad
i. Endonasa Endoscopic Surgery- In Dhaka, Chennai, Delhi and Singapore
ii. Microear Surgery- In Dhaka and Mumbai
iii. Rhinoplasty- Singapore and Delhi
iv. Phonosurgery- Pune and Singapore
v. Laser in ENT- Pune and Singapore
g) Presented own scientific in different national and internetional seminars:
i. National:
1. Unusual Foreign bodies in ENT,
2. Childhood Head-Neck Sarcoma,
3. Tracheal Rhinosporidiosis,
4. Endoscopic Management of Orbital and Periorbital Pathology.
5. Endoscopic Management ir of CSF Rhinorrhoea,
6. Laryngotracheal Framework Surgery in the Preservation of Voice and Respiration.
ii. International:
1. Regional Anaesthesia in Thyroid Surgery,
2. Preservation of Facial Artery in Excision of Submandibular Salivary Gland.
3. Endoscopic Management ir of CSF Rhinorrhoea,
h) Lectures in Different Wokshops: 1-4. Surgical Anatomy of Heah and Neck, 5-6. Surgical Anatomy ofEndoscopic Sinus Surgery, 7. Surgical Management of Allergic Rhinitis.
i) Publication: Total: 30 (Thirty); First Author- in 10, Indexed in Index Medicus- 04, Original Article- 21.
j) Current Status:Associate Professor (Otolaryngology, BSMMU), Scientific Secretary (Society of ORLHNS)