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Subsequent Executive Committees of the Soceity
President General Secretary
Year Name Year Name
1979-1980 Prof. A M Khan Majlish 1979-1980 Prof A A Haroon
1981-1982 Prof. Ali Afzal Khan 1981-1982 Prof. Chowdhury Mosharaf Hossain
1983-1985 Prof Ali Afzal Khan 1983-1985 Prof. Abdullah Al Haroon
1986-1988 Prof. A M Khan Majlish 1986-1988 Dr. G M Shahiduddin
1989-1991 Prof. M A Majed 1989-1991 Dr. A S A Amin
1991-2000 Prof. M Alauddin 1991-2000 Prof. Asadul Hoque Khan
2000-2001 Prof. M Alauddin 2000-2001 Dr. Shyamal Krisna Saha.
2002-2006 Prof. M Alauddin 2002-2006 Prof. M Abdullah
2006-2010 Prof. M Alauddin 2006-2010 Prof. Kamrul Hassan Tarafder
2010-2012 Prof. Pran Gopal Datta 2010-2012 Prof. Khabiruddin Ahamed
2012-2014 Prof. M Abdullah 2012-2014 Prof. A. F. Mohiuddin Khan
2015-Till Now Prof. Kamrul Hassan Tarafder 2015-Till Now Prof. Dr. AHM Zahurul Huq
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